Web Services

This package adds some new operations for creating, changing, retrieving, deleting and searching configuration items via generic interface. The following operations are available:

  • ConfigItemCreate()
  • ConfigItemDelete()
  • ConfigItemGet()
  • ConfigItemSearch()
  • ConfigItemUpdate()

See also

For more information please take a look at the WSDL file on GitHub.

New Operations

These new operations are available in the Web Services module of the Processes & Automation group:

  • ConfigItem::ConfigItemCreate
  • ConfigItem::ConfigItemDelete
  • ConfigItem::ConfigItemGet
  • ConfigItem::ConfigItemSearch
  • ConfigItem::ConfigItemUpdate

To use these operations:

  1. Add or edit a web service.
  2. Select a Network transport in the OTRS as provider widget and save the web service.
  3. The new operations are available in the Add Operation field of the OTRS as provider widget.