VIP Customer


This feature add-on has reached the end of life and will not be ported for OTRS 8.


If this feature add-on is already installed, the feature will be replaced by the core functionality of the framework during the upgrading process. After the upgrading process, the package will be removed.

To use the VIP customer user functionality in a fresh new installation:

  1. Go to the Dynamic Fields module of the administrator interface.

  2. Add a drop-down dynamic filed of type Customer User.

    • Name: CustomerUserVIPStatus
    • Label: VIP Status
    • Field type: Dropdown
    • Object type: Customer User
    • Possible values: 0 = No VIP ⚪️, 1 = VIP 🔴
    • Default value: No VIP ⚪️
    • Add empty value: No
    • Translatable values: Yes
    • Show link: leave it empty
  3. Go to the System Configuration screen of the administrator interface.

  4. Add the dynamic field to the screens.

  5. Copy the used customer user back end mapping from the Kernel/Config/ and paste it into the Kernel/

  6. Uncomment the dynamic field section in the Map array and add the created dynamic field.

    # Dynamic field example
    [ 'DynamicField_CustomerUserVIPStatus', undef, 'CustomerUserVIPStatus', 1, 0, 'dynamic_field', undef, 0, undef, undef ],
  7. Go to the Access Control Lists (ACL) module of the administrator interface.

  8. Create an ACL that enables the SLAs only to VIP customer users. You can import the following ACL as well.

    - ChangeBy: root@localhost
      ChangeTime: 2021-06-29 11:01:59
      Comment: 'SLAs that are only available to VIP customer users.'
            - '[Not]SLA_Name'
            - '[Not]1'
      CreateBy: root@localhost
      CreateTime: 2021-06-29 10:59:38
      Description: ''
      ID: 3
      Name: VIP only SLA
      StopAfterMatch: 0
      ValidID: 1

    Do not forget to change the SLA name in the exported ACL.