Administrator Interface

This package has no administrator interface, but makes it possible to move tickets with specific ticket or customer user data into queues.

The package can be configured with the setting OTRSTicketQueueSelection::Configuration. Key is the queue name and value is a semicolon-separated list of ticket and/or customer user settings and their expected value as regular expression. The fields available for tickets and customer users have to match those available in OTRS.

Example Usage

This example shows how to configure a set of rules to move a ticket from any selected queue to a defined destination queue based on a ticket attribute, on ticket creation time.

To configure rules for newly created tickets with title Test to be moved to queue Junk:

  1. Go to the System Configuration screen.
  2. Select OTRSTicketQueueSelection in the Navigation widget.
  3. Navigate to Core → Ticket in the navigation tree.
  4. Open OTRSTicketQueueSelection::Configuration setting for editing.
  5. Enter Junk for key and Ticket::Title='^Test$' for content.
  6. Create a ticket with title Test and check that the ticket is moved according to your configuration.

As seen in this example there is only one rule to that the ticket must match to be moved to the queue Junk. If more rules are needed, they can be added to the same content field with a ; character as a separator, like:


Each rule is taken by the system as an AND condition, so for these new rules the ticket will need to match the title condition and the customer user condition in order to be moved to the Junk queue.

The rules can be based on ticket attributes Ticket::<Attribute> or on customer user attributes CustomerUser::<Attribute>.