Agent Interface

After installation of the package, the functionality is automatically integrated in the Set Pending Time action. If there was an unexpired pending time set before, the functionality pre-fills the fields with the restored information from the last pending reminder set by the agent. This includes the following fields, which are pre-filled in the Set Pending Time action:

  • State
  • Pending Time
  • Subject
  • Body (if the text comes from a note article created by the Set Pending Time action)


The functionality works only, when the pending time is not expired. When the pending time is expired the standard functionality sets the usual default values.

Use Case Example

  1. The agent sets a pending state with a pending time and other information like subject and body text in the ticket.
  2. The pending time is stored now in the property card of the Properties widget in the ticket detail view.
  3. Before the pending time is expired, an incoming customer communication resets the pending time (the customer answers with “thanks”).
  4. With the functionality of this package the agent is able to restore the pending time within the Set Pending Time action easily.
  5. When the agent opens the Set Pending Time action, the fields are pre-filled with the information from the last entry which set a pending time.


There are several options to set a pending time, but the pre-fill functionality is only integrated in the Set Pending Time action.


The text field is only pre-filled from note articles, since this is the type of article the Set Pending Time action creates.