Administrator Interface

This package has no administrator interface.


This package includes the functionality to create articles for a ticket with the X-OTRS-OutOfOffice header without changing the status of the ticket. The module also prevents the locking of the ticket if mentioned header is present.

To configure this feature:

  1. Go to the System Configuration screen.
  2. Select OTRSOutOfOffice in the Navigation widget.
  3. Navigate to Core → Email → PostMaster in the navigation tree.
  4. Activate the setting OTRSOutOfOffice-Header.
  5. Select OTRS in the Navigation widget.
  6. Navigate to Core → Email → PostMaster in the navigation tree.
  7. Add the X-OTRS-OutOfOffice header to the end of the list in setting PostmasterX-Header.
  8. Deploy the settings.
  9. Go to the PostMaster Filters screen of the administrator interface and add a new postmaster filter.
  10. Set email header X-OTRS-OutOfOffice with value 1 of an incoming email based on whatever regular expression or text you want to use (e.g. Subject: [Out of Office]).
  11. Click on the Save button.