Extended Ticket StatsΒΆ

Personalize your statistics using a wide range of configuration options: First, specify the name, the assignment of rights and the format of your statistic. Then, you can select the desired attributes. These include:

  • Ticket number, type and status
  • Queue
  • Ticket creation date
  • Ticket closing date
  • Rate of resolution
  • Rate of resolution, adjusted for account work calendars
  • Join and leave times for queues

Each chosen attribute is displayed as distinct value series in the statistics. Afterwards, decide whether to sort the data in ascending or descending order and define its absolute or relative time frame.

  • Obtain detailed information regarding the duration of tickets in your OTRS.
  • Find clues for optimizing your processes.
  • Detect employee overload at an early stage and take timely measures.
Target Groups
  • IT services
  • Call centers
  • Customer service manager
  • Project management
  • Senior management
Available in Service Package
Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSExtendedTicketStats