Dynamic Field Search BoosterΒΆ

For the ticket search in the agent or external interface, existing values of the database are collected in dynamic fields. In highly frequented systems with a large amount of tickets and/or dynamic fields, the high number of entries that have to be searched can cause a considerable delay in the search process. Search results in these systems can only be cached for a short time and then the database inquiry has to be done again.

This feature add-on keeps track of the values used for all relevant dynamic fields and their frequency. In the event of a new inquiry, the feature add-on can now provide the data very quickly. Unnecessary load times are reduced considerably.

  • Fast database inquiries.
  • System performance improvements.
Target Groups
  • Call centers
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Order management
  • Complaint management
Available in Service Package
Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSDynamicFieldSearchBooster