Agent Interface

This package has no agent interface, but the dynamic field of type database can be added to many screens.

Searching and Saving Data Sets

After the created dynamic fields are activated in some screens (like New Phone Ticket, New Email Ticket) a new text field appears with the name, the dynamic field got in the configuration. In this field it is possible to input search terms and therefore execute a search over all configured database fields. Otherwise click on the Detailed search link and start a detailed search in which the fields to search in are selected explicitly. Wildcard character * is allowed in every single field.

Independent of using the auto-completion or the detailed search, every single result can just selected ones. If an agent tries to select a value multiple times, a related warning message is displayed.


Since search terms are typed in into the text field, a database search will be started over the configured columns and the result will displayed via an auto-completion below the text field. The more exact the search term is, the more exact will be the result (less result entries).

If the wished value will be displayed in the results, it can be selected via a mouse click or via the keyboard and therefore be added to the dynamic field results.

Via the link Details a popup screen can be accessed, which offers detailed information about the whole result row. This information includes the line headers and the data. This information can be used to get an overview about the rest (of the not configured) columns or to compare data. The added result entries can be removed via the minus button.