Dashboard News WidgetΒΆ

Internal news or information can be added via the administrator interface to appear with the corresponding Announcements widget in the agent interface. A click opens the detailed view of the respective news item, containing the title, content, creation date and change date. The widget can be individually activated or deactivated as an optional widget in the agent dashboard. The Announcements widget makes it easier to inform employees about events, innovations and offers.

  • Integrates your company communication in the customer service tool.
  • Important information, such as product news, is always available to agents and can be used immediately in customer contact.
  • Company news is clearly structured and centrally available in one place.
Target Groups
  • IT security
  • Internal and external communication
  • Human resources
  • Internal and external IT
Available in Service Package
Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSDashboardNewsWidget