Agent Interface

This package has no agent interface.

New Features

Storing/changing customer user in a Customer field

After the dynamic field of the type Customer was configured in the Dynamic Fields screen and added to the different views, the functionality can get used. The contact fields will be displayed below the recipients for new tickets or otherwise in the dynamic fields block of the page. The exact position and label of the field depends on the field configuration.

If a customer number filter was configured the dynamic field will be locked and unchangeable as long as no customer is added to the ticket.

After inserting at least one character into the text field of the dynamic field a search over the configured customer databases starts. At this point the configured filter takes it place and removes unmatched customer users from the result set. To start a search for all available customer users for this field you can use the * wildcard.

Showing Customer dynamic field values for a ticket
To allow display of the Customer dynamic field values after the data was stored to the ticket, the different views have to be configured accordingly.
Using Customer dynamic field values for communication in a ticket

If a field has been configured to use the contacts for communication and the Reply via Email or Reply to All via Email actions are used in the ticket detail view, all customer users stored in the respective field will be added to the configured recipient list (to, cc or bcc) unless they exist as a recipient already.


The field must not be configured in the dynamic field section of the reply actions.

Searching tickets for Customer dynamic field values

To allow searching of the Customer dynamic field values after the data was stored to the ticket the search view has to be configured accordingly.

The search works equals to the search for regular customer users. The login name of the customer user has to be used as search criteria.