Custom Contact FieldsΒΆ

This feature add-on makes it possible to create new customer dynamic fields, which can store customer data from integrated external customer databases as contacts in a ticket. In an additional configuration interface, it is possible to define whether the new dynamic field type should:

  • Store one or more customers.
  • Add an additional navigation option in the external interface.
  • Include additional contacts in the ticket communication.
  • Restrict the adding of new contacts based on customer number or postal codes.
  • Be filterable for certain attributes.

Furthermore, event-based notifications can now be configured to be sent to contacts that are stored in the ticket.

This feature add-on is perfect for all businesses that have to deal with different groups of customers, partners or sub-contractors, as it adds, in addition to the customer detail view, a second possibility for storing customer data in a ticket and including it in communication processes.

  • More flexible and enhanced storage of external customer data in tickets.
  • More transparent and automated communication with business partners, sub-contractors or suppliers.
  • Seamless integration of external customer databases into OTRS.
Target Groups
  • Customer service organizations with many partners or sub-contractors
  • External IT service providers
  • Call centers
  • Web, PR or marketing agencies
  • Consulting businesses
  • Sales departments
Available in Service Package
Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSCustomContactFields