Categories for Text Modules¶

The standard OTRS help desk allows your service agents to quickly respond to normal or recurring service requests by leveraging pre-defined text modules to answer the tickets. These text modules are displayed in a single unsorted list, which may cause difficulty when there are a large number of pre-defined text modules. The feature add-on allows you to group certain text modules by category and implements a category folder structure for standard templates.

For example, a typical recurring question is the request to send out a user guide for one of your specific products. Today, you would probably browse down the long list of your pre-defined text modules and, once you finally have identified the right one with the user guide attached, you would send it out.

With this feature add-on, you consolidate all text modules related to your products’ user guides in a separate category like User Guides. You can find it quickly, saving a lot of time trying to retrieve this information. This reduces your response time.

  • By building template categories recurrent requests can be answered even faster.
  • Facilitates job training of new agents.
Target Groups
  • IT service management
  • Call centers
  • Service providers
  • Any company working with SLAs
Available in Service Package
Package Name in OTRS Package Manager
  • OTRSCategoriesForTextModules