Import Ready2Adopt Web Services



There are three Ready2Adopt web services available in the OTRS Business Solution™:

  • BugzillaConnector

  • JIRAConnector

  • OTRSConnector

To install one of these web services, go to the GenericInterface Web Service Management page and click on the Add web service button.

Figure 3.42. Add web service

Add web service

Locate the Ready2Adopt Web Services widget, select one of the provided web services from the drop-down menu, and click the Import Ready2Adopt web service button.

Figure 3.43. Import Ready2Adopt Web Service

Import Ready2Adopt Web Service

During the import process, OTRS takes care of creating the needed dynamic fields and/or any needed updates to the system configuration.


The Ready2Adopt web services may require additional feature add-ons to be installed (OTRSGenericInterfaceInvokerTicket and OTRSGenericInterfaceInvokerEventFilter).