Import Ready2Adopt Process



On the Process Management screen in the Admin interface you can find an Ready2Adopt Processes widget, where you can find some best practice Ready2Adopt processes.

The following Ready2Adopt processes are available in the OTRS Business Solution™:

  • Conference Room Reservation

  • Office Materials Procurement

  • Order Request Management

  • Request For Leave Management

  • Service Design::Availability Management (proactive)

  • Service Design::Availability Management (reactive)

  • Service Design::Catalogue Management

  • Service Design::Continuity Management

  • Service Design::Service Design Coordination (individual design)

  • Service Design::Service Level Management

  • Service Design::Supplier Management

  • Service Operation::Access Management

  • Service Operation::Event Management

  • Service Operation::Incident Management

  • Service Operation::Problem Management

  • Service Operation::Request Fulfillment Management

  • Service Operation::Service Validation and Testing

  • Service Transition::Change Evaluation

  • Service Transition::Knowledge Management

  • Service Transition::Release And Deployment Management

  • Service Transition::Service Asset and Configuration Management

  • Service Transition::Service Transition Planning and Support

  • Start RMA

  • Travel Expense

Figure 3.41. Import Ready2Adopt Process Widget

Import Ready2Adopt Process Widget

To install a Ready2Adopt process, just select the desired process from the drop-down menu in the Ready2Adopt Processes widget and click the Import Ready2Adopt process button.

During the import process, OTRS takes care of creating the needed dynamic fields and/or any needed updates to the system configuration.