Customer User Information Center

After installation of the package a new widget named Assign CIs will be available in the Customer User Information Center.

Assign CIs Widget

Assign CIs Widget

This widget displays the configuration items that have this customer user as owner.

Configuration items can be filtered by clicking on a class name in the header of the overview widget. There is an option All to see all configuration items. The numbers after the class names indicates how many configuration items are in each classes.

The assingment is done via attribute Owner. If the configuration item uses different attribute for linking, you should change it in the system configuration settings.

See also

See AgentCustomerUserInformationCenter::Backend###0060-CUIC-ITSMConfigItemCustomerUser system configuration setting for more information.

The default setting is:

ConfigItemKey → Computer → Owner
                Hardware → Owner
                Location → Owner
                Network  → Owner
                Software → Owner

You also need to have this Owner attribute in the class definition to display the assigned configuration items. Check the existing class definitions in the Config Items module.

If your class definition doesn’t contain the Owner attribute, then you have to add it manually.

    Key => 'Owner',
    Name => Translatable('Owner'),
    Searchable => 1,
    Input => {
        Type => 'Customer',