OTRS API Reference JavaScript

Namespace: Core.Agent.TicketAction

Core.Agent. TicketAction

This namespace contains functions for all ticket action popups.


(static) ConfirmTemplateOverwrite(FieldName, $TemplateSelect, Callback)

After a template was selected, this function lets the user confirm that all already existing content in the textarea or RTE will be overwritten with the template content.
Name Type Description
FieldName String The ID of the content field (textarea or RTE). ID without selector (#).
$TemplateSelect jQueryObject Selector of the dropdown element for the template selection.
Callback function Callback function to execute if overwriting is confirmed.

(static) Init()

This function initializes the ticket action popups.

(static) SelectRadioButton(Value, Name)

Selects a radio button by name and value.
Name Type Description
Value String The value attribute of the radio button to be selected.
Name String The name of the radio button to be selected.

(static) UpdateCustomer(Customer)

In some screens, the customer management dialog can be used as a borrowed view (iframe in a dialog). This function is used to take over the currently selected customer into the main window, closing the dialog.
Name Type Description
Customer String The customer that was selected in the customer popup window.