OTRS API Reference JavaScript

Namespace: Core.Agent.Dashboard

Core.Agent. Dashboard

This namespace contains the special module functions for the Dashboard.


(static) EventsTicketCalendarInit(Params)

Initializes the event ticket calendar.
Name Type Description
Params Object Hash with different config options.
Name Type Description
Events Array Array of hashes including the data for each event.

(static) Init()

Initializes the dashboard module.

(static) InitAppointmentCalendar()

Initializes dashboard widget Appointment Calendar.

(static) InitStatsConfiguration($Container)

Initializes the configuration page for a stats dashboard widget.
Name Type Description
$Container jQueryObject

(static) InitStatsWidget()

Initializes the stats dashboard widgets.

(static) InitTicketGeneric()

Initializes the dashboard ticket generic widget functionality.

(static) InitUserOnline()

Initializes User Online dashboard widget.

(static) RegisterUpdatePreferences($ClickedElement, ElementID, $Form)

This function binds a click event on an html element to update the preferences of the given dahsboard widget
Name Type Description
$ClickedElement jQueryObject The jQuery object of the element(s) that get the event listener.
ElementID string The ID of the element whose content should be updated with the server answer.
$Form jQueryObject The jQuery object of the form with the data for the server request.