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Namespace: Core.Agent.AppointmentCalendar

Core.Agent. AppointmentCalendar

This namespace contains the appointment calendar functions.


(static) AgentAppointmentAgendaOverview

This method initializes functionalities for AgentAppointmentAgentOverview screen.

(static) AgentAppointmentAgendaOverview

This method initializes functionalities for AgentAppointmentEdit screen.

(static) AllDayInit

This method initializes all day checkbox behavior.

(static) EditAppointment

This method submits an edit appointment call to the backend and refreshes the view.

(static) Init

Initializes the calendar management screen.

(static) Init

Initializes the appointment calendar control.

(static) LocationLinkInit

This method initializes location link behavior.

(static) NotificationInit

This method initializes the reminder section behavior.

(static) OpenEditDialog

This method opens the appointment dialog after selecting a time period or an appointment.

(static) PluginInit

This method initializes plugin fields behavior.

(static) RecurringInit

This method initializes recurrence fields behavior.

(static) ShowWaitingDialog

Shows waiting dialog.

(static) TeamInit

This method initializes team fields behavior.