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Namespace: Core.Agent.Admin.SystemConfiguration

Core.Agent.Admin. SystemConfiguration

This namespace contains the special function for AdminSystemConfiguration module.


(static) Cancel($Object)

This function handles click on the Cancel button
Name Type Description
$Object jQueryObject jquery object.

(static) CleanWidgetClasses($Widget)

Cleans up all locked/modified classes on the widget
Name Type Description
$Widget jQueryObject The widget jquery object

(static) Init()

This function initializes module functionality.

(static) InitAutoComplete()

Use autocomplete for the search field on the sysconfig home page

(static) InitClipboard()

Inits the clipboard function on all buttons with a certain class. This is meant for copying a direct link to a certain setting to clipboard.

(static) InitDeploymentRestore()

Bind event on deployment restore button.

(static) InitDialogDeployment()

This function initializes Deployment Dialog

(static) InitDialogReset($Object)

This function initializes Reset Dialog
Name Type Description
$Object jQueryObject jquery object.

(static) InitFavourites()

Add and remove settings from favourites for the current user.

(static) InitGroupView(IsAjax)

This function initializes Group View
Name Type Description
IsAjax Boolean IsAjax.

(static) InitSettingListCompare()

This function initializes Deployment History Details

(static) OpenSearchDialog()

This function open the search dialog after clicking on "search" button in nav bar.