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Namespace: Core.Agent.Admin.PackageManager

Core.Agent.Admin. PackageManager

This namespace contains the special function for AdminPackageManager module.


(static) DisablePackageActions()

This function prevent package actions for running.

(static) EnablePackageActions()

Tis function activate all package actions.

(static) GetPackageUpgradeResult()

This function queries the status of the package upgrade process (via AJAX request) from the system data table.

(static) GetPackageUpgradeRunStatus()

This function checks if there is currently a PackageUpgradeAll process running (via AJAX request), depending on the results it also enable/disable package actions and show/hide notifications.

(static) Init()

This function initializes module functionality.

(static) PackageUpgradeAll()

This function creates a daemon task (via AJAX call) to upgrade all installed packages.